Hi, it’s been a while. LocoMotion Fitness is now Kiwa Dance Fitness; and the newsletter formerly known as Los Locoz is now “Hol-A-loha,” a play on hola (Spanish for hello) and aloha (Hawaiian for living in harmony). So “hello harmony.”

My end of the year confession is that back in the Spring, I thought we’d be back to fitness as usual by the end of the year. So, I took a sabbatical from exercise to allow some nagging, chronic, work-related aches and pains to heal; and then I got just plain lazy and gave in to the COVID crankies and couching.

Now, with less than 2 weeks left in 2020, I’m ready to start making better choices based on what is good for the me I want to be. The first choice was to work less at my day job and launch virtual dance fitness classes in 2021. Since I was working on a 10-year-old refurbished laptop, the first thing I needed to do was replace all my technology hardware. There is only one more outstanding piece – a proper webcam since I have gone back to a desktop computer – and that is on the list for Boxing Day shopping.

Over the next 4-6 weeks I will be putting together playlists and choreography for a couple of 30-minute on-demand (recorded) Zumba Gold® classes, one with a cardio focus and one with a core/balance focus, that can be taken separately or back-2-back depending on what you feel like doing that day. Once those are up and running, I will add a livestream Zumba Gold® class.

Starting in January I will training in a new (to me) dance fitness format. Stay tuned for details on this exciting new class which should be available in the virtual studio in the Spring of 2021, and the live studio when conditions permit.

Published by sfransila

Peer fitness for active seniors. Helping seniors stay active and independent. I am 60+ with a total knee replacement. I believe fitness should be safe and accessible to everyone. I became a certified and licensed fitness instructor in my mid 50s, after the knee replacement. It's all about turning what other people see as a weakness into a strength.

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