What’s love got to do with it?

Absolutely everything.  After months of trying to create choreography for songs I like, I have come to the not-surprising conclusion that I can’t.  I start, I re-start, I re-do, I procrastinate, I re-start, I re-do, I don’t do.  Working with a bank of songs which I have, for the most part, never danced to before was more daunting than anticipated; but it did confirm that I must love a song for me to choreograph it.  What does this mean?  It means (a) I am 2 months behind on opening my virtual studio and (b) I now have more than 600 songs to listen to (in their entirety) and determine their love factor.  If a song doesn’t get a  rating, it doesn’t make it to the final round.  I estimate that I have 40 hours of listening ahead of me.  Starting tomorrow, I will be listening for love in all the right places.

Will it be worth it?  YES.  It will ensure a short turnaround for creating choreography, it will ensure I don’t forget the choreography, and it will ensure an awesome class for you with passion in every step and every beat. 

Published by sfransila

Peer fitness for active seniors. Helping seniors stay active and independent. I am 60+ with a total knee replacement. I believe fitness should be safe and accessible to everyone. I became a certified and licensed fitness instructor in my mid 50s, after the knee replacement. It's all about turning what other people see as a weakness into a strength.

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