Uncomfortable Truths

I usually stick to fitness-related posts and keep my opinions to myself because everyone has one and social media is full of enough.  However, as much as we are all taught to not believe everything we hear and seeing is believing, technology has effectively stripped us of those “truths.” 

Like underwear, the truth can be uncomfortable and there’s always a but(t).

  • Truth:  Statistics can be manipulated to tell a story.
    • But:  Is the story fiction or nonfiction?
  • Truth:  Facts do not tell the whole story. 
    • But:  There is no context.
  • Truth:  There is no such thing as scientific “fact.”
    • But:  There are things that have not yet been proven wrong.
  • Truth:  The long-term effects of chemical manipulation of the human body (through organic or nonorganic compounds) are unknown.
    • But:  Everyone is either part of the test group or the control group. 
  • Truth:  My truth may be different from your truth.
    • But:  Every truth has value.
  • Truth:  You cannot re-write your past.
    • But:  You can write your future.
  • Truth:  Everyone has a sad story.
    • But:  It’s not a competition, everyone’s story is just as sad to them as yours is to you.

So, the moral of my story today is that everything you believe is a truth to you and everything I believe is a truth to me; and that is the difference between fact and truth, truth can include facts and beliefs, whereas facts must be proven (over and over) based on empirical research and quantifiable measures.  We must come to terms with what is fact, what is belief, and what is truth.  But, that is just my truth.

Published by sfransila

Peer fitness for active seniors. Helping seniors stay active and independent. I am 60+ with a total knee replacement. I believe fitness should be safe and accessible to everyone. I became a certified and licensed fitness instructor in my mid 50s, after the knee replacement. It's all about turning what other people see as a weakness into a strength.

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