Dress for Success

Going to the gym can feel like a house of horrors rather than a fun house.  Mirrors and strangers are everywhere.  If your confidence gets the hippy-hippy shakes at even the thought of going to the gym, you are not alone.  Studies show 97 percent of women have at least one negative thought about their bodies every day.   

So, other than never going to the gym again, how do we overcome that “not good enough” mentality enough to live healthier. 

We can’t spontaneously generate oodles of self confidence, and we can’t only exercise in places where everyone is our fur-baby who loves us no matter what.  We could wear really baggy clothes, so no one can see where the clothes end and the body begins.  The trouble with that is that we can’t see our bodies either, which means we can’t ensure proper form or see our progress.  We could enter the witness protection program and wear a wig, sunglasses, and hat/hoodie; but sooner or later, our cover will be blown when our disguise gets too hot and sweaty. 

Dressing for success when we work out is like dressing for success anywhere else.  Our drawers and closets are full of costumes – uniforms, suits, vacation wear, weekend wear, special occasion outfits – each of which makes us feel like we fit in in a specific circumstance.  What costume makes you feel like you fit in when you work out? 

Work out wear rules: (1) Must allow easy movement in all directions, i.e. must be comfortable.

That’s it, one rule; not trends, not price, not brand.  Now for the bad news, Lycra is the key to comfort.  Now, don’t get your stretchy knickers in a knot; knowing how to incorporate Lycra into your work out costume will allow you to move freely, get fitter, and gain confidence. 

Proportional dressing and accessories can be used to distract or detract.  Oversized tops that cover your butt can be worn with leggings or a form-fitting tank top can be worn with looser (not baggy) pants.  Form-fitting tanks and leggings can be worn under a longer, looser tank.  Bright headbands or caps, hats (like a fedora), sweat bands, and neon socks all distract while hip (jingle) scarves and pareos detract.

What’s your style?

Dance fitness classes are the perfect place to be creative in your costume because, remember, it’s a dance party.  Hip scarves are actually a piece of workout equipment because you subconsciously put a little more oomph into your hip work just to hear the jingle.  Pareos will bring a little bit of Hawaii to your workout; if you want to wear a silk lei, feel free to do so.  [Word of caution if you want to wear a hip scarf, please don’t buy the cheapest ones on Amazon as they tend to lose beads and coins easily, causing a hazard on the dance floor.]

My classes are not just about getting a workout, they are about forgetting your demons, having fun, and being yourself. 

Published by sfransila

Peer fitness for active seniors. Helping seniors stay active and independent. I am 60+ with a total knee replacement. I believe fitness should be safe and accessible to everyone. I became a certified and licensed fitness instructor in my mid 50s, after the knee replacement. It's all about turning what other people see as a weakness into a strength.

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