The PARticipation-Questionnaire lets you know if you should consult your physician before becoming more physically active.

As a fitness professional I am required by an independent governing body to ensure your safety in my classes. While participating in physical activity is safe for most people, some medical conditions or long periods of inactivity could necessitate you getting the condition treated before embarking on an exercise program/class or you may just need to ease your body back into activity.

The short-form PAR-Q is included in your preregistration package and must be completed to hold your spot on the dance floor.

If you answer YES to any question you will need to complete the PAR-Q-Plus. Please print or complete online the PAR-Q-Plus, read in its entirety, then complete, sign, and date. Once complete, you can bring the form to class or email to

If indicated by the questionnaire, please consult your family doctor and provide written authorization to participate in a moderate intensity physical activity.

Print versions:

Online versions:

Should you need to complete the PAR-MedX and are cleared for physical activity, I am a “qualified exercise professional” as noted in option 4 on page 2.

This information is kept strictly confidential and must be updated annually.

Updated September 14, 2021

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