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Tacos, Tunes, and Island Time: What is a “best life”?

We hear it all the time, “live your best life”; but what exactly does that mean?  I believe a “best life” means finding your sustainable happiness; and to be sustainable, the things that bring you happiness have to be affordable over time, have to be adaptable to changes in your physical/mental condition, and have toContinue reading “Tacos, Tunes, and Island Time: What is a “best life”?”

Game Changer

“So, so what?  I’m still a rock star.  I got my rock moves.” [“So What,” P!nk]  Don’t play the game, change it.  So often as older adults we are presumed to be past our “best before” date, so much so that we believe it too; and that’s not okay because we are accepting the limitationsContinue reading “Game Changer”

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