As a fitness professional I am required by an independent governing body to ensure your safety in my classes. According to the WHO, older adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week in addition to muscle-strengthening activities twice a week. Participating in physical activity is safe for most people. This PARticipation-Questionnaire will tell you whether you should consult your physician before becoming more physically active.

This information is kept strictly confidential and must be updated annually.

Please download the PAR-Q, read in its entirety, then complete, sign, and date. Once complete you can bring the form to class or email to

Alternatively, you can complete the questionnaire online and bring the printed and signed page to class or email to

Please complete the PAR-Q+ survey first. Click on the link below.

If you answer YES, you will be kicked back to the previous page and will be required to complete the ePARmed-X survey before being permitted to participate in the classes. Click on the link below.

If indicated by the questionnaire, please consult your family doctor and provide written authorization to participate in a moderate intensity physical activity.

Updated August 28, 2020

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