Reactivation Plan

UPDATE, December 22, 2020: Classes have been suspended since November 1, 2020. At this time I am continuing to adhere to the mandated protocols as well as your readiness and comfort to return to live group fitness classes.

COVID is an ongoing, dynamic crisis and is likely to be such for the foreseeable future.  As we do not know who amongst us may be vulnerable, we all must act as if we are asymptomatic carriers.  It is my utmost priority to ensure your safety in all my reactivation planning.

Kiwa Dance Fitness is working through many options and considerations to keep us all moving, moving forward.  Those considerations include virtual classes and the eventual resumption of live classes. 

Because fitness for active adults is my passion project and I am a local Parksville resident, I can offer small classes (a few as 4-6 participants). So, please contact me to let me know when you are ready.

As noted previously, live classes will be:

  1. Smaller, with preset “safe zones”; if required by government mandates .
  2. Shorter, 45-50 minutes, if additional cleaning and screening is required.
  3. Restructured to keep you in your safe zone. 


  1. Preregistration will be required to save a spot, drop-ins will have the opportunity to preregister on same day if space available.
  2. Noncontact payment via e-transfer will be preferred. Advance cash payments will be permitted with drop off at my home office.
  3. Pending studio time availability, private classes for you and your bubble.

When the time is right, please email me at kiwadancefitness@gmail to let me know that you are ready for either open or private live classes. Until then, please stay tuned for updates on

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