Virtual Studio


The good news is the tech and licensing issues have been resolved. The platform for the Zumba Gold® classes will be The platform for other classes is yet to be determined (studies are underway).

On-demand (recorded) Zumba Gold® classes are projected to be coming your way later this fall (likely October 2021).

These classes will be made available to monthly payors on an as-needed basis (at no additional cost) to allow them to workout at home when they are not able to attend live classes due to illness.

Other classes will be added to the bank of classes as available.

Additional formats will include Hot Hula® Matua and specialty classes with a concentration on core, balance, and range of motion and focus on tango, flamenco, and belly dance rhythms. Consideration is also being given to a yoga-based dance fitness format with a focus on flexibility and breathing.

The virtual studio will give you the opportunity to work out at home on days when attending a live class is not advised (you are not feeling well) or as a supplement to our live studio classes.

I am looking forward to “seeing” all of you in your living rooms soon.

Updated: September 1, 2021

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