Peer fitness for active older adults. Helping seniors stay active and independent.

Kiwa Dance Fitness is peer fitness for active older adults.  Kiwa is rooted here on Vancouver Island in the North Pacific. Classes are fun and suitable for everyone with consideration for the needs and safety of active seniors.  

[“Kiwa” comes from the Maori for Pacific]

Kiwa Dance Fitness is my passion project.  I do it for others like myself, with suboptimal ranges of motion, who want to be active. Teamwork keeps us all motivated.

Peer fitness was created by firefighters to train other firefighters based on the physical demands unique to their profession.  By the same notion, only someone who has experienced the effects of injury, chronic pain, or aging can understand the needs and limitations generated by those conditions. 

[After years of deconditioning from osteoarthritis and a total knee replacement, I became a licensed dance fitness instructor and certified group fitness instructor in my 50s.]

Affordable fitness classes right here in Parksville. No workout partner, no problem; dance fitness is a solo activity that comes with its own squad.  The studio is a judgement-free zone where movement is at your own pace and based on your body’s abilities. 

[Certified in Active Aging Fitness]

While all moves are safe for knee/hip replacements, many dance moves utilize muscles neglected in other forms of exercise.  My job is to challenge your limits, yours is to know your limits.  You choose your level of participation.  

[Certified in Exercise for Knee and Hip Replacements]

Price is a barrier to fitness, especially for those on fixed incomes. I have pared down my expenses to offer you “no excuse” rates with discounts for extended commitments. Rates for a all classes range from $4 to $7.

A salty blonde living on tacos, tunes, and island time.

Licensed in Zumba Gold® since 2013, and currently training in Hot Hula® Matua. Certified in group fitness, active aging fitness, exercise for knee and hip replacements, and nutrition for weight management. Supplemental training in stretching anatomy and Zumba® Core.

Live Studio classes currently on hold

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Weekly and monthly discounts

Virtual Studio classes coming soon

Rates for Virtual Studio

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Weekly and monthly discounts

Email kiwadancefitness@gmail.com to preregister and prepay.

You must preregister and prepay all classes.

Kiwa Dance Fitness

Sherri Fransila, FIS

Licensed in Zumba Gold® (2013) and Matua/Hot Hula® (2021).

Certified fitness instructor specialist in group fitness and active aging fitness.

Licensed to play music by SOCAN and ReSound.

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Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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Updated: July 5, 2021