Before you come to your first class, here is some information you should know:


… will be required at this time as per public health orders for adult group fitness classes with a BC Vaccine Card plus government-issued photo ID prior to entering the studio.  With your permission, this will be a one-time requirement. (I am fully vaccinated.) 


No dance experience required.  No natural rhythm required.  Moves are no impact and easy on the knees with smooth transitions.  This is an exercise class disguised as a dance party where you move, groove, and shake it at your own pace to international rhythms. 

Zumba Gold® is a kinder, gentler version of Zumba® fitness, designed for those of us who can’t move the way we used to.  While based in Latin rhythms, the playlist will take you around the world. 

Coming in 2022 is a new dance fitness format based on the rhythms of the South Pacific and Caribbean islands.  Stay tuned.


I am a young senior with a sports background.  From aerobics to boxing to ice hockey to skiing, I was a sports enthusiast until a ski injury at 15.  The injury led to 2 knee operations before I graduated high school, then degenerative osteoarthritis and a rare inflammatory disease.  A knee replacement at 50 gave me back a lot of my mobility, and Zumba Gold® put fitness back in my life.  I will have to deal with the inflammatory disease for the rest of my life.  I dance because it’s fun, I can, and I must (staying active minimizes the effects of my inflammatory disease).  I dance because it’s fun, I can, and I must (staying active minimizes the effects of my inflammatory disease). 

I understand the limitations of injury and aging and know that as long as we keep moving, it doesn’t matter if it’s graceful, on beat, or a little funky. 


…as I have chosen to offer smaller classes to give you room to move about safely and freely.  Passholders will be limited to a maximum of 10, leaving spots for at least 2 drop-ins per class. This size limit (12) allows at least 6.5 sq meters per person.


…is required at your first class in a session (seasonal).  Pre-registration closes at 9 a.m. day of class.  Register for a drop-in spot between 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. This ensures no one gets turned away at the door. 


Prior to each class you will have to “sign in.” This will now be done via email. Sign-in closes at 9 a.m. the morning of the class.


…preregistration and sign-in, including waivers and declarations of health, via email has been instituted to allow optimization of class time.  Noncontact prepayment is preferred via e-transfer.


…and the same for all classes.  If your schedule allows you to make a monthly commitment, your per class rate is only $5.  If you prepay 2 or more consecutive months, you get a 20% discount on your monthly passes.  Can’t commit, pending space availability, the drop-in rate is $7 per class. 


Some renovations have been done to our host studio.  The new entrance is through the Dancer Entrance as the previous lobby has been converted into Innovate’s dancers’ retail outlet.  A hand sanitizing station is available to the right when you enter.  Classes are in Studio A.


The use of a mask is required in common areas inside the studio (Innovate house rule, posted on entrance door).  While masks are not recommended during class, you may choose to do so. 

Note: At the current time based on EHS recommendations, CPR cannot be performed. This is important to remember should you choose to wear a mask when exercising.


You should wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes with a smoother sole.  Please feel free to wear belly dance (jingle) hip scarves (they really boost your hip movements) or a pareo over your leggings (for a little island flair).  You should also bring a water bottle and towel.

Updated: November 24, 2021

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