In-Person or On-Demand

Kiwa Dance FitnessSM is a local small business that supports another local small business. The studio for in-person classes is located inside Innovate Dance Arts in Parksville (425 Stanford Avenue, in the back, behind Arrowsmith Brewing) with classes scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 

On-demand recorded classes are coming. These classes will mimic the in-person classes, so you can easily get your groove on in your living room. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to both studio formats:

In-person classes can be intimidating to someone new to fitness or the format. Doing the class at home means you don’t have to worry about how you look. The reality it is that even in an in-person class you don’t have to worry about that because everyone is too busy watching me. The downside to not being seen is that I can’t see you to ensure you are performing moves safely.

On-demand classes can be harder to follow since you have to watch a small screen and may spend half your time try to see what’s going on versus doing it. It’s much easier to follow a full size instructor who is right there with you. Visibility problems occur in in-person classes when they are overcrowded, this is not a concern in Kiwa classes since I limit class sizes so you can see and move freely.

In-person classes may be hard to fit into your schedule and you do have to commit in advance to attending.  In comparison, on-demand classes require no commitment and can be done whenever you want. The downside to no commitment is that it’s too easy to procrastinate. 

The up/down side to on-demand classes is that you are alone. This is a good thing when we are limiting our social contacts during cold/flu season, but it is not so good for mental health since it encourages isolation and loneliness. When you attend an in-person class you become part of a group of likeminded women who you automatically have something in common with.

Bottom Line:  Virtual classes are convenient, live classes foster community.

Coming soon to a living room near you.

Updated: June 2023

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