Qualified Exercise Professional

What is a “qualified exercise professional”? A qualified exercise professional not only must attend training and pass exams (written and practical) in their chosen field of expertise (such as group fitness), they must also satisfy the ongoing requirements laid out by an independent governing body*.

I am certified in group fitness and active aging fitness through Canfitpro (an independent body). To maintain my certification I must pay an annual membership fee, I must recertify in CPR/AED annually (or as required by Canfitpro), and I must continually educate myself in relevant facets of group fitness.

The one thing I must never do is advise you in regard to health, wellness, or fitness areas that are outside of my scopes of practice (group fitness and active aging fitness). This would include advanced nutrition, personal training, or medical problems.

In addition to maintaining my certifications, I must also annually renew licenses to teach dance fitness classes (Zumba Gold®  Hot Hula Fitness®) and play music in those classes. My dance fitness licenses allow me to teach and advertise these branded programs. My “License to Play” from Entandem ensures the creators of the songs I use are compensated for their work. I have music licenses for live, live streamed, and recorded classes.

The last necessity for a qualified exercise professional is insurance. Accidents happen and having liability insurance (mine is through Lloyd’s Insurance) protects you and me from financial hardship in the event of an accident.

*In B.C., there are several acknowledged governing bodies, including Canfitpro (national), CFES (national), and BCRPA (provincial).

Updated: July 2022

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